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After many years a site called Dziurawiec Malesowy has been finally published. This Rockshelter, located in Jamki Gorge, has been discovered decades ago by prof. Waldemar Chmielewski, and consequently surveyed by him and his students. Scarce artefacts found at the site were never published and are now lost. Thanks to the documentation that was preserved, we were able to rediscover Dziurawiec Malesowy and include it into a broad spectrum of Neolithic sites found in Polish Jura.

More information:

Gryczewska, N., Kot, M., Szymczak, K., 2020. Dziurawiec Malesowy- zapomniane stanowisko z Doliny Sąspowskiej. Prądnik. Prace i Materiały Muzeum im. Prof. Wł. Szafera. 30, 291-298.