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Koziarnia Cave

The cave is located in the Rock Koziarnia, at the mouth of the Koziarnia gorge, about 10 m above its bottom. It has a large, arched entry opening and is roughly 60 m long. In its main part takes the form of a wide corridor that runs almost straight, twisting and tapering to the north only in the final part . Sediments from cave were partially taken out in 1877 by O. Grube and sold as a fertilizer. In 1958, 1960- 1963 Waldemar Chmielewski conducted here archaeological research , indicating that this place was used by people from the middle palaeolithic to modern times.

Koziarnia Cave today phot. M.Bogacki

Interesting are the origins of the cave’s name. It is indicated that it comes from goats, which according to local legends held here French soldiers during the campaign in 1812. At the beginning of the twentieth century on the opposite slope was a hotel. The owners turned part of the cave into a ballroom and connected it with a hotel by suspension bridge. Later the hotel was closed and willa Koziarnia, as it is still called today, started falling apart. In the 1990s Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences leased the building, creating there seismological observatory.  Seismograph was located in Koziarnia cave.

Postcard- Polish Switzerland Hotel (today Villa Koziarnia) in 20s-30s XX century. View from Koziarnia Cave.