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Sąspowska Valley is located in South Poland, in Cracow-Częstochowa Upland. It’s the second largest Valleys in Ojców National Park, situated in its southern part. In its slopes there are 174 caves and rockshelters. Through the valley flows Sąspówka stream, which has its beginning in village named Sąspów. In Ojców it connects to the Prądnik stream. Valley is 6  km long, deep and rather narrow. It has two big gorges reaching her, Jamki from south and Koziarnia from north. There is a yellow touristic trail leading through the Sąspowska Valley.

Sąspowska Valley in autum. In the photo the Rocks of Sadlana Group in  Koziarnia Gorge. Phot. Małgorzata Kot
Sąspowska Valley in early spring. Phot. Małgorzata Kot