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Pod Tunelem Wielkim Rockshelter

The rockshelter is located in a group of rocks called Sadlane, on the eastern slope of the Koziarnia gorge. It has two entrances, both exposed to the west, one has a width of 3.5 m, the other about 1 m. From the entrances there are two narrow and low corridors converging into one.

Pod Tunelem Wielkim Rockshelter. On the photo the leader of the project- dr Małgorzata Kot, and our paleontologist dr Clauio Berto. Phot. M.Bogacki
View of the part of Koziarnia Gorge, where pod Tunelem Wielkim Rockshelter is located. Phot. M.Bogacki

Archaeological research indicated the use of this place in neolithic times and later.