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Tunel Wielki Cave

A cave located in the rocks of the Sadlana group, on the eastern slope of the Koziarnia gorge. It has two entrances, north with dimensions of 6 m and 1.5 m, in front of which there is land flattening, and southern, smaller and partly sheltered with boulders. The cave consists of two chambers, north and south, connected by a narrowing. It is 22 m long. Below the cave there is “pod Tunelem Wielkim” Rockshelter and Niedostępna Cave (seen on the photo above as a large hole in the rock). Above the Tunel Wielki cave theres is “nad jaskinią Niedostępną” cave.

Entrance to Tunel Wielki Cave near which took place excavations in 2018. Phot. M.Bogacki

In the years 1967-68 Waldemar Chmielewski conducted here archaeological research . Acquired artifacts were attributed to Paleolithic and Neolithic, but also with Lusatian and cultures from younger times. The site was revisited in 2016 by PhD Michał Wojenka from Jagiellonian University an PhD Jarosław Wilczyński form ISEZ PAN in  Cracow, who opened a trench inside the cave, linking it to the old ones. During excavations, recent and old, human remains were found in Tunel Wielki. The most famous became a burial of a child, discovered,  but never published, by Waldemar Chmielewski:

Second entrance to theTunel Wielki cave. Phot. M.Bogacki
Tunel Wielki Cave. View from inside. Phot. M.Bogacki