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Sąspowska Zachodnia Cave

Cave situated on the northern slope of the valley, above contemporary karst spring of the Sąspówka, 19 m above the bottom of the valley. Its opening  is 4 meter wide with a south exposure and overlooks a steep, rocky slope. The cave has the form of a several meter long corridor turning at some point north-east. At the end of the corridor there are two chambers separated by a narrow and low corridor.

View from Sąspowska Zachodnia Cave. Phot. M.Bogacki
Sąspowska Zachodnai Cave during old excavations.

The cave is situated in the rock, on which a church is build. For this reason it has also a second name “pod Kościołem Zachodnia” Cave (direct translation: under the Church Western Cave) Archaeological research has shown traces of lendzielska culture (Neolithic) and people from the Roman Period and Middle Ages. A large number of flint artifacts, above all Neolithic ones, found at this site, is being associated with nearby mines.

View from the Sąspowska Zachodnia Cave during the excavation in 2019. Phot. Małgorzata Kot