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After long preparations, our text summarizing the results of our excavations in Koziarnia Cave has been published. The article concentrates on traces of Jerzmanowician. Several decades ago professor Waldemar Chmielewski had tried to confirm the presence of this industry at the site, our research conluded his work.

Kot M., Krajcarz M.T., Moskal-del Hoyo M., Gryczewska N., Wojenka M., Pyżewicz K., Sinet-Mathiot V., Diakowski M., Fedorowicz S., Gąsiorowski M., Marciszak A., Mackiewicz P., Lipecki G. 2021 Chronostratigraphy of Jerzmanowician. New data from Koziarnia Cave, Poland. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 38,